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Collagen Creamer-Coconut Tres Leches


LoLo Collagen Creamers - Decadent Desserts

Our Collagen Creamers are produced in small, limited batches in delicious flavors that will have you asking how something so yummy can also be good for you?

As Always–No Sugar. No Junk. All Good. 

LoLo Coconut Tres Leches

Coconut Tres Leches (aka Pastel de Coco Tres Leches)– We would make this cake for LoLo's Birthday as it was his favorite. A combination of buttery toasted coconut, condensed milk, sweet cream, and coconut cream are blended to create a taste that is at once nutty, creamy and lusciously sweet.

LoLo Creamer

About LoLo Creamers

Grass-Fed, Pasture Raised, Collagen Protein, No Additives or Fillers

Made from USDA Organic Coconut Milk

Great Natural Source of MCTs

No Sugar


Keto, Paleo and Low-Carb

No Sugar

No Artificial Flavors

No Artificial Colors

No Dairy


No Preservatives

No Fillers

No Junk

Type I Collagen for support of bone, ligaments and tendons

Type III Collagen for healthy hair, skin and nails

Using LoLo Creamers

Mix one serving scoop with 8 to 10 ounces of of your favorite beverage, yogurt or smoothie

Dissolves best in hot and room temperature liquids

For cold liquids add to room temperature liquid until dissolved and add ice to chill

Blends easily in smoothies and shakes

Add to baked goods, soups, sauces and other recipes that could use an additional protein boost

All LoLo Products

Our mission is to develop outstanding sugar-free supplements and products that not only taste great but are also pure and straightforward. We use only high-quality, minimal ingredients—nothing artificial or hard to pronounce. Each product contains ingredients so simple, you can count them on one hand.

Our aim is to offer products, resources, and information that have been instrumental in our own quest to enhance our mind, body, and spirit. By sharing what has worked for us, we hope to assist others in discovering their own path to fitness and wellness.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Delicious and Creamy!

Looks so delicious and creamy!

I really like it!

Been using for over a month now and really like it! I love that it doesn’t have a bunch of extra junk in it! It’s a happy coconut flavor to my coffee, reminiscent of when I first when paleo and put coconut milk in coffee- only better with added benefit of collagen! Thank you!!

These creamers are an absolute dream!

These creamers are an absolute dream! Cheers to not only getting collagen and healthy fats into my coffee, but getting QUALITY collagen and fats into my coffee! Thank you for making my morning coffee top-notch, easy, nutritious and, delicious! I am very satisfied and so incredibly happy with this ingredient list!

Tastes Great

Arrived right away and in good condition. I’ve been using the coconut creamer in my coffee, and the collagen protein in teas and baking. You have to stir it well, but it dissolves easily and tastes great! So far I’ve noticed that my hair and nails have been growing. Also in recent pictures, my skin tone looks more vibrant and even. I will definitely keep this up! I plan to try the vanilla creamer next. 😃

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