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LoLo Premium Sugar-Free Ice Cream Starter - Salted Caramel

NEW! Make a Pint of Premium Keto Ice Cream at Home!

Ice cream is life. But if you are living the low-carb keto lifestyle, a quality ice cream experience can be elusive.

Enter LoLo Ice Cream Starter Pint Packs. Simple to make at home with your choice of cream and milk. In less than an hour you can be enjoying the luscious, creamy flavor of premium keto ice cream––at home, without the glucose spike.

+  Each Packet makes 1-PINT of Premium Keto Ice Cream

LoLo Ice Cream Starter

About LoLo Ice Cream Starter

Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised Collagen Protein

Organic Coconut Milk Powder


No Sugar

No Chickory Root

No Fillers

No Artificial Flavors

No Artificial Colors

No Dairy


No Preservatives

No Fillers

No Junk

No Cooling Aftertaste


Low-Glycemic Sweetener

Won't Spike Glucose Blood Levels

Rare, Natural, Keto Sweetener


  • Dairy-Free
  • Great Source of Medium-Chain Tryiglyceride Fats (MCTs)
  • Superfood


  • Clean Source of Easily Digested Protein
  • Benefits the Health of Hair, Skin, Nails, Joints and Tendons
  • Promotes Gut-Health

Using LoLo Ice Cream Starter

Mix one packet with 3/4 cups of heavy cream and 3/4 cups of half-and-half

Once mixed, add the custard to your ice cream maker

Serve immediately if you like yours soft-serve, or pop in the freezer for traditional scoopable ice cream

Works best if you mix with heated liquid, then chilled.

Use coconut cream and coconut milk for a dairy-free frozen dessert.

No ice cream maker? In a pinch, use your blender and make a no-churn treat.

If you chill in the fridge, it makes a wonderful sugar-free soft-serve ice cream.

Mix in your favorite fruit, chocolate, nuts for an extra flavor and nutrient boost!

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