Glucose Ketone Index - GKI

  • by S Dy
  • 1 min read

I follow a low-carb ketogenic diet for many reasons. Of course weight loss, but Auto-Immune Wellness, Mental Health, and Metabolic Health are huge. Both of my parents are Type2 Diabetics and I suffered with Gestational Diabetes with my pregnancies. Endometriosis and Depression are life-long battles I contend with and have found myself “cured” through this lifestyle.

I first heard about the Glucose Ketone Index when I met Dr. Thomas Seyfried at a health conference CrossFit hosted at work. Dr. Seyfried is the author of “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease” and his research in the area of Cancer is groundbreaking.

The GKI measures a ratio between Glucose and Ketone levels. The ratio is a better and more accurate way to assess your overall metabolic condition while fasting or in nutritional ketosis. I have found that I perform and feel the best at a ratio 3 and below.

Just like weight on a scale, ketone meter levels or any other marker, GKI is a data point and should not make or break your efforts. Try and calculate your GKI, it may help you solve a “plateau” or some other question in your path to wellness!

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