That’s my dad, LoLo. He’s always lived a life rich with experiences, laughter and love. He taught me from a very young age that I could try and do anything. Unfortunately, when my dad was in this 30s, he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This disease, along with high-blood pressure and numerous strokes, has stolen his quality of life from him and my dad from me.

I truly believe the bad dietary guidelines that have been pushed out since the 1970s are hugely responsible for the tsunami of lifestyle diseases that are undermining our world’s health and well-being. I dedicate LoLo Life to helping fight for people like my dad, who could have had a very different life full of health, fitness and well-being had he been given the right knowledge, guidance and tools.


I started the LoLo Life website as a place to find all the information and resources that I’ve compiled on my own path to wellness and fitness. Throughout my process, I also created collagen creamers and keto electrolyte products I use on a daily basis.They're totally free of the junk ingredients most companies use.

I am not a doctor, scientist or expert nutritionist. I spent the past 10 years as Brand Director for CrossFit Inc. and picked up a lot of knowledge about fitness and wellness from top experts in the field. I am also an expert on me! I’ve been on every diet, tried every workout and consumed every supplement and shake around. I’ve spent decades learning about and refining my fitness and wellness.

What I’ve learned through this life-long process is to trust myself and choose to do what works best for me. No one will know your body better than you, so believe in it and trust it when it tells you what works for you. Eat foods that make you feel vibrant and healthy. Move yourself in ways that strengthen and nurture your body. It’s as simple as that.

My goal is to fill LoLo Life with information, resources and products that I’ve used in my own journey in the hope that I can help others find their own prescription for fitness and wellness.

All My Best,


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